Jo Lenz Dietetics

CHLOE, OXFORD (Mum to Matilda, 8 months)

"Before speaking to Jo about weaning my daughter, Matilda, I felt anxious and unsure. Matilda was breastfed and had begun weaning with simple purées initially, but after a short time she began to refuse to be spoon fed anything other than fruit, porridge or yoghurt. I became concerned about Matilda taking a step backwards with weaning, I was losing confidence and wanted my daughter to have a positive eating experience.

Speaking to Jo was brilliant because she enabled me to have more confidence in trying a different, baby led, method whilst at the same time giving me (and Matilda!) confidence with weaning.

As soon as I started following some of Jo's tips Matilda responded positively! It was clear thatwhile I had considered purées to be the approach we would take to weaning, Matilda is an independent girl who enjoys feeding herself. At ten months old she now eats sandwiches, homemade meatballs with pasta and a variety of fruit and vegetables - by herself! Everything now seems much less stressful for us both, and I am so thankful to Jo for her advice. She also gave me solutions for using all the prepped purées I had frozen, rather than letting them go to waste. I would definitely recommend Jo to anyone looking for advice and confidence with their child."


HELEN, ST. ALBANS (Mum to Toby, 6 months)

"Jo gave me lots of help when I started to wean my son.  She provided advice on when to introduce foods, which I was particularly worried about, as there is a history of Coeliac Disease in my family.  She provided great ideas for first foods including snacks and was friendly, professional and supportive."


A.M Banbury

“Jo has helped me and my family through the pitfalls of weaning (twice)...particularly with weaning my daughter who was determined not to eat from a spoon! I really can’t recommend her highly enough.”


A.L Oxfordshire

“Jo has been so brilliant giving us weaning advice for our little one who has a couple of suspected food allergies. I'd highly recommend her.”